2016 Tribute Cards


The following teachers, administrators, and staff received Tribute Cards in 2016 from grateful members of the YSSD community:

Amy Kendrick, YS High School

Amy Loughran, YS High School

April Milesky, Yorkshire Elementary

Ashley Thrush, YS Middle School

Charlene Benjamin, Valley View Elementary

Cheryl Bowman, Yorkshire Elementary

Cheryl Johnson*, Valley View Elementary

Christine Laslo, Indian Rock Elementary

Cindy Eifert, YS Middle School

Dan Anderson, YS High School

Darla Berkowitz, YS High School

Greg Gulley, Indian Rock Elementary

Jennifer Dillow, Indian Rock Elementary

Jesse Weld, Yorkshire Elementary

Katherine Cardello, YS Middle School

Kathy Pavoncello, Yorkshire Elementary

Kelly Paraskevakos, YS High School

Lee Ann Williams, Yorkshire Elementary

Leslie, Gentzyel, YS High School

Lindsay Hill, Valley View Elementary

Lona Kluttz, Yorkshire Elementary

Mitzi Heaton*, East York Elementary and Indian Rock Elementary

Nicole Mostert, Valley View Elementary

Pam Kutcher, YS Middle School

Sandy McIndoe, Yorkshire Elementary

Sarah Perina, Valley View Elementary

Scott Weaver, East York Elementary

Shane Jansen, YS Middle School

Shelby Marks, YS High School

Susan Anderson, Valley View Elementary

Suzette White, Indian Rock Elementary

Tom Guerin, YS High School


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