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Spring 2019 Grant Recipients

The York Suburban Education Foundation (YSEF) is pleased to announce it has awarded 15 grants totaling $57,853.46 through its 2019 Grant program.

Digitized Art with Apple Pencil

Karen Fornadel, Erica Furjanic and Jackie Geiple (York Suburban High School)

This grant will more fully infuse digital technology into advanced art classes giving students the opportunity to expand and explore those techniques in addition to more traditional methods. $2,447.94.

One School, One Book

Denise Fuhrman (East York Elementary School)

This grant will sustain this initiative which strives to strengthen a school’s cultural literacy by involving families as partners. $2,800.00.

We Need Diverse Books

Laura Gordon (Yorkshire Elementary School)

This grant will provide multicultural literature for students in the ELL classroom and throughout the school providing cultural awareness and sensitivity. $1,810.02

The Transformed Classroom

Cheryl Johnson and Lexy Morrow (Valley View and Yorkshire Elementary Schools)

Using props and supplies, the classroom is transformed to create authentic experiences throughout the day. For example, creating a spy lab to teach close reading and fact-finding. $3,100.00.

Achieving and Learning Through Kinesthetic Math

Laura McClure (East York Elementary School)

Using giant sized mats and games, math skills are paired with physical activity that increases brain functions, specifically the growth and development of the synapses responsible for retaining and retrieving skills and information. $3,618.00.

Trojan 1000

Todd Monos (Valley View Elementary School)

The goal of this grant is to provide all children in the VV attendance area a bag of ten books when they turn three, thus promoting the importance of exposure to literature and reading before entering kindergarten. This grant is partially funded by YSEF’s Jeffrey D. Sindicich Endowment Fund held at the York County Community Foundation. The fund is in memory of Jeffrey Sindicich, York Suburban graduate class of 1986. $2,250.00.

Kindergarten Forest School

Kim Stoltz and Todd Monos (Valley View and Yorkshire Elementary Schools)

This grant will provide a multi-day outdoor school experience for all kindergarten students that would include nature study, team building, problem solving, earth connection, etc. This outdoor classroom will take place at one or more of the county parks. $3,000.00.

Flexible Seating

Danielle Robson (East York Elementary School)

This grant will give the students seating options other than the traditional desk and chair. This creates an inclusive environment where the unique needs of each student are being met while building a collaborative and supportive environment. $2,823.00.

Adjustable Height Desks with Swinging Footrest

Joelle Stark (York Suburban High School)

This grant will provide four seating options for high school students keeping the brain more active through standing and movement. Secondary students have needs not totally dissimilar to younger students. $800.00.

Elementary Expeditions

Kelly Duke (Yorkshire Elementary School)

This grant would provide a virtual reality system that would be a platform a system similar to Google Expeditions. Students can take “field trips” into outer space, swim with sharks, and hike Mt. Everest etc. This will enhance STEAM activities and promote hands-on learning. $7,950.00.

Digitized Science Notebooks on iPad with Apple Pencils

Leigh Foy and Amy Kendrick (York Suburban High School)

This grant will enable science students to integrate their scientific drawings with electronic data analysis, photographic annotation, and scientific writing. This will create a more accessible and collaborative product in a true leaner-centered experience. $10,375.00.

Wonderful Stem Explorations

Grade 2 Team/Lona Kluttz (Yorkshire Elementary School)

This grant seeks to enhance the curriculum and make cross curricular instruction seamless, while promoting innovative teaching and hands-on learning through integrated literature and science/social studies using authentic literature and non-fiction trade books. $2,245.00.

Rotary Indexer

Jared Moore (York Suburban Middle School)

This grant will take machining and automation processing to the next level providing students with a more authentic STEM design/build experience. It will allow students to view coding in a different manner allowing them to grasp abstract coding and modeling. $2,950.00.

High School Robotics

Steve Temple (York Suburban High School)

This grant will give students the opportunity to explore building, constructing and programming. Robotics is a popular medium for teaching programming concepts and constructs. The kits and supplemental materials will allow current programming students to experiment with robotics and gauge interest in future offerings. $1,505.00.

Encouraging Students to Code
The goal of this grant is to help diversify computer programming offerings to address the varied interests of YS students. By developing multiple platform entry points, more students are encouraged to study coding, develop more streams of students for formal computer science study, and provide more opportunities to pursue independent projects in coding related fields. This grant provided for the licensing and materials to offer two new programming courses: Video Game Design and Robotics. This grant is funded by a generous donation from a YS alum, class of 1965. $9,650.00.