WHEN | The week of April 3rd-10th

WHERE | Your neighborhood, a local park—wherever you feel most comfortable

DONATION | $20 per adult; $5 per student (18 and under)

Choose your own day & distance ✦ Online silent auction ✦ Join our student-run scavenger hunt ✦ Search for painted rocks hidden in YS neighborhoods ✦ Participate on social media using the hashtag #walkforYSEF

Register by 3/15/21 to receive our early bird special, a “Walk for YSEF” t-shirt! The t-shirts include free local delivery prior to the event. If you do not live locally, we are happy to ship a shirt to you via USPS for a $10 fee. We are also happy to drop your shirt to a local family member or friend for you to collect upon your next visit.