Proposal Guidelines
* Provide a significant and defined benefit to the target beneficiaries.
* Represent a new (or rethink an existing) educational initiative.
* Have potential for replication or dissemination among teachers and/or schools.
* Be outside the normal budget or planning considerations.
* Projects might also explore use and integration of new technologies, expand student experiential learning opportunities and/or engage families and/or communities in education.
* Have the approval of an administrator in the building where the program will be delivered.

Proposal Narrative
* Describe the project in detail. Include its benefits, objectives, innovative qualities and target beneficiaries in accordance with the criteria previously set forth.
* Explain how the project will be evaluated.
* Provide a detailed itemization of expected expenses.

How do I apply?
Grant applications are due by February 1. To expedite the approval of your application, be sure to include all of the requested information. Your online application will be submitted to Info@YSEF.org automatically. If you do not receive verification that we have received your grant application within 5 business days after submission, please call YSEF at the phone # below. Note: At the conclusion of the project, recipients of the grants are expected to submit a detailed report to the YSEF describing project results and a full accounting of expenses. (you may also download a paper version of this form and submit it manually if you prefer)

Call (717) 885-1122



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